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My Band No Colour

2009-01-07 08:00:55 by splapp-me-doo

has a new guitarist. Yay Me!!!!

You will be able to listen to it on newgrounds when it is Finished.YAY ME !!!!!! I play all Instruments with my computer. It's pretty Hard.


2008-09-04 18:50:08 by splapp-me-doo

I am 28 and I feel good

My Band

2008-07-21 21:31:54 by splapp-me-doo

I am starting a band. I play The Bass Guitar.

williamsbros @ myspace

I will let you know when it comes out and i can only put it on newgrounds!!!!!!!!!

My first flash animation is cooming soon Very Soon!!! it might come out today

I am working on my website

2008-05-14 16:52:14 by splapp-me-doo

Just so u know, I am a musician.

PM me if you want the link to the web site. I will put out the contest once i have enough people

pm me if you're interested