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I'm Looking For Someone to anmate the Badly Drawn Tapir

2008-03-20 08:25:02 by splapp-me-doo

pm me if you're interested


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2008-03-20 08:58:49

You're a fake. You spelt 'splapp-me-do' wrong.

(Updated ) splapp-me-doo responds:

I wasn't trying to spell Splapp-me-do!!!!!! What's A Doogle Flip? :(
I mean doogleflip. that name is dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-03-20 09:00:47

Doogleflip took the words out of my mouth. I was wondering wy slapp-me-do wouldbe on the "Riff-raff" section of the Artist news.

(Updated ) splapp-me-doo responds:

i don't get what you're saying!! My nickname is Soulja Boi Tell'em fool :) So get out of my House.


2008-03-26 23:22:22

If You Want a Photo of The Tapir, Send Me a PM!!!! or else I will ignore your intrest in animating the cartoon thats better then Splapp-me-do and his badly drawn dog thingamajig!


2008-04-07 05:34:25

DoogleFlip is me :P

(Updated ) splapp-me-doo responds:

I don't get it!:I (_|_) =| pm me


2008-04-15 10:25:42

U r nuts

splapp-me-doo responds:

yeah yeah yeah